In gratitude for all

In connection with Mother Nature

Let's take care of our planet, our home and source of life

& Let's celebrate life throughout the seasons

Our Home Planet is a live being and Her consciousness is evolving with you

Sacred Earth Mother


Appreciating Mother's Gifts

Everything we breathe, drink, eat, dress, live and love comes from Mother Nature. 

The practice that gives us peace is to be present in the moment, and to become aware of Mother's Nature gifts by connecting our soul to the source of all. 

All is One

All is Well


Remembering how to love the Earth

The Great Mother loves every life form  

Mother Earth gives everything we need

Remember to love Her back

Remember to be grateful

Help others to love and care for Her 

Say the truth from your heart  to protect Her

Share your love with Her


Message from Mother Gaia: 

Please Find Your Inner Peace. Do Not Fear...

My children, my beloved children,
Please calm your minds. 

Please find your inner peace. 

Please find a peaceful corner in your lives, inside or outside and get in touch with your inner peace. Outside with a tree is better.

Please find your inner stillness. Now is the time to do this. Now is the time. Please do this.

If just about everyone one of you found your inner stillness in this moment, do you know how much peace would ripple out across me and help bring peace into the world where it is so needed? 

Some of your elected ones have a hard time doing this and your finding your inner peace will help calm them down.

If even half of you found your inner stillness in this moment, it would still make a huge difference.

Do you not see or feel how your emotions are feeding the chaos and fear that is heightening? There is a grid of energy that circles the planet and your collective emotions feed it in a large way.

Do not feed the fear. As best as you can, do not feed the fear. It is contagious, hugely contagious.

Stand up for what is for the Highest Good from a place of peace. At the very core of your being, there is a peace. Please find it. Please find it now.

Drop from your heads to your hearts and find the peace. Please.

I’m calling on each one of you to find that inner peace at the core of your divine center. It will probably be easier for you to find this if you go outside to a natural place, a park, a local forest. Somewhere where the trees and butterflies can support you.

This is the time. Now.

I know you can do it. 

I know you can.

I love you so, so much. 

So much!

~ Mother Gaia

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I am


I am in essence light

I am in essence soul

I am pure creative potential

I am guided by my heart

I apply love and wisdom to all I say and do

The Gaia Oracle 

Toni Carmine Salerno

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