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AdrianaNetto began her career in 1991, initially in assessment within the corporate world, where she conducted performance assessment workshops and 360º evaluation committees.

In 1997 she began to help companies and their employees increase performance and results by redirecting conflicts or demotivation through competency/process development workshops for individuals and groups. These workshops were originally denominated “Professional Role Development Therapy”, today known as coaching. Her extensive experience in this field has led to international acclaim.

Since 2004, Netto has focused on family businesses, specifically the issue of succession and family cohesion, as well as the personal and professional development of their stakeholders. She is a guest lecturer at the Fundação Dom Cabral – ranked as the best higher education institution in Latin America (2015) for business courses. Netto is also a partner at Prosperare, a consulting firm specialized in corporate governance for family-run businesses. As part of her own growth process, she has sought out renowned therapists and psychoanalysts.

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Diane Tyburski




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I am the designer and creator of InnerPeace Meditation Cushions. My cushion making originates from the vision that I had a long time ago where there was a circle of beautiful home made cushions filling the space of a meditation group or a spiritual gathering. 

When I design my cushions, I choose colors, textures, and patterns that remind me of peaceful feelings that I receive from nature. I believe nature gives us so much healing energy in the most ordinary settings. As I make each cushion, I visualize that it will carry that same energy to the person who will own it and will support them in getting in touch with the peace that lies within themselves. This process gives me so much joy and motivates me to make the best cushion I can for the person who is going to sit on it. 

I’m a mother, a Registered Nurse of many years, and a Certified Yoga Teacher. I aspire to offer my deepest love and compassion in all areas of my life. 

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Jonah Wittkamper



A biologist, an entrepreneur and activist. Co-Founder and President of the Nexus Global Youth Summit, a movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. He is also the Founder of the Healthy Democracy Coalition, a network of philanthropists dedicated to bridging political divides. He works to unite young social and philanthropic leaders to influence the public sector, including the United Nations, the White House and the United States Congress. Earlier in his career, he co-founded the Global Youth Action Network, a global association of youth organizations that merged with TakingITGlobal and grew to become one of the largest communities of young social change leaders on the internet. In 2007 he joined Distributive Networks and helped to build the text messaging technology of the 2008 Obama campaign. He has worked as the United States Director of Search for Common Ground and is the founder and owner of EZinTouch.com, a contact management platform. He is an alumnus of Williams College and Camp Rising Sun.

Jonah Wittkamper is a grandson of Will Wittkamper, a former steward of Koinonia Farm, the inter-racial Christian intentional community in Americus, Georgia, that inspired the creation of Habitat for Humanity

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I am an eternal student of the world and humanity. The youngest of four children, a mother of a beautiful and joyful daughter, an educator of early childhood development and a practitioner of Aura Reading.

My talents are closer related to the emotions, feelings, musical & visual memories which support my classes and also my therapeutic work. I have a bachelor in psychology,  gained experiences in  the corporate world in the human resources department and I am an Aura Reading Practitioner trained at The Aura School in Piracanga, Brazil. 

The Aura Reading is a tool for accessing information in the Aura, relevant for the transformation and evolution of the soul. The Aura Reading  is a communication established through clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience by the spirit. As a clearing process the Aura Reading supports cleansing, unblocks flows of energies and brings to the conscious mind awareness. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in this spiral of people who together serve humanity and the Mother Earth.  

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Lis Hirano Wittkamper

Lis Hirano Wittkamper


I am a mother, an artist, a dreamer and a passionate activist who advocates for the vulnerable and innocent ones through love. My purpose in life is to support the new and older generations to live in harmony with themselves and our natural world. In my journey I learned how people are suffering when they felt separated from their true nature. My search for answers and solutions led me to  work with youth from privileged and under-privileged communities in Brazil and Latin America countries by supporting opportunities to expand their horizons, feel their dreams and to channel their creative energies towards change.  As the time went by, motherhood led me to educate myself to nurture my own children's needs and of my family. We homeschooled our children for 8 years and I started my path on the healing training journey. My journey in healing practices gathered the sacred knowledge from the use of Essential Oils and the practice of Shantala Massage, Meditation-of -Life, Crystal Reiki Healing, Shamanism, Color Therapy and Geomancy (healing the land). My work now is to support youth above 14 years old, parents and individuals on the path of high consciousness and healing  and to help designing resources to support healing and the regeneration of our land. I believe that healing and self care are essential starting points in one's journey to be present and grounded on Earth. And in Nature we find all the support we need to undertake this path. 

I am honored to be here in gratitude and peace.

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Luciana Prandhara



The Aura Soma came to my life 15 years ago. The bottles, the colors spoke to me. I created dialogues with them through my feelings, emotions, and I felt the exchange and understandings in levels that until then were to me unknown. It arrived just like that, slowly and making space in my life. 

The Aura Soma then took me to get further educated in 2009, refreshed in 2017 and in this middle path by receiving the readings to get engaged in other training courses in Brazil and abroad.  

I have been studying and experiencing with the Aura Soma System for many years and in many different forms.

Through this process, I was taking care of my most sacred being. 

Last year I received the "Call" to share this experience, all this love and everything I received and I still receive from it.

I accepted it!

And since then I have been offering Aura Soma sessions.

These exchanges light up in me an immense gratitude in my heart and the wish to continue evolving with this flow that life granted to me. 

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