I am that I am

All is One

All is Well


We would like to offer you support in the journey to the inner self in connection with the nature world and the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within. 

We start by healing and awakening the Higher Self.  

On this walk you will find ideas on how to meet the divinity within and to connect with Earth and all its beings and gifts.

 Remember to breathe deeply and feel your emotions so you can unblock energies, be grounded and  meet your divine light.

Wish you a lovely journey to the inner  sanctuary, your heart. 

May all beings be happy.


Picture by Benjamin Quinto

"When all beings on Earth are connected through unconditional love

We will become part and aware of the Web of Life...

We are in transition"


We are Lis and Jonah, our  family created this platform committed to be present in our planet and to support our common path towards balance and a peaceful life in harmony with all beings.

In this website you will  learn about the services and supplies our dear  lightworkers friends offer to support you and your family in your journey.

Feel free to contact us for any questions and comments.

In love and light

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